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Logic Probe Electronics Kit

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Testing circuits can be done with multi-meters and oscilloscopes but this is not always the best method. This is where the faithful logic probe saves the day! Instead of having numbers to show voltages or a display to show signals over time the logic probe has just three LEDs for outputs. These outputs can show on, off, floating, and oscillating! So long as the probe has a common ground to the circuit under test (which can be done easily by either using the same power supply or connecting the probes GND-REF to the circuits ground), the probe will display one of the four listed conditions above when the probe contact is connected to a point in the circuit. The Logic Probe is an ideal project for those who are building their own low-cost functional equipment while also providing a fun project. The use of a spring-loaded pogo pin makes the Logic Probe suitable for testing sensitive equipment while providing a secure probe connection between the circuit under test and the probe itself. The Logic Probe can be built in 30 minutes making it ideal for use in the classroom, and the in-depth documentation enable learners to understand how the logic probe works as well as how to construct it.

  • Operating voltage: 3-16V
  • PCB dimensions: 72 x 15mm
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

Instructions / documentation
What's in the kit?

  • 1 x 14 DIP Socket
  • 1 x 4001
  • 2 x 100nF Capacitor
  • 3 x 1K Resistors
  • 1 x 2M2 Resistor
  • 1 x 4M7 Resistor
  • 1 x Green LED
  • 1 x Yellow LED
  • 1 x Red LED
  • 1 x Pogo Pin
  • 1 x Red Wire
  • 2 x Black Wire
  • 1 x PCB
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